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Summer Holiday Season

Hi folks the holiday season is upon us and bookings are absolutely flying in!!! JLF Transfers is busier than ever so get your bookings in a early as possible to avoid disappointment. The Network Drivers and a few extra new Network Drivers are helping immensely and I thank them whole heartedly for the service they are providing, please be patient if your waiting for drivers, we are pretty much always there but on occasion when flight delays and road incidents happen it can put us slightly behind, also the airport itself is extremely busy at the moment entering and leaving the car parks due to all the changes that are currently being implemented and of course the high season. Sometimes the signals for the phones don’t get through so if you haven’t heard anything when ready to be picked up please just give us a call or call the network driver if their number has been provided. I would like to thank you all for you continued custom and support and wish you all happy holidays!!!! Thanks John. Picture art of the new Terminal 2 interior, Manchester Airport. 

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