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JLF Transfers hmmm!

I dont cut corners, I don’t run illegally, I don’t use cheap aftermarket parts for my vehicle, I am fully compliant with all council regulations, I keep my vehicle as clean as is humanly possible, I provide the best service I can do and have the reviews to prove it, I treat every customer as important as the last, I actually give a damn about my job and my customers.

Will I drop my prices to get a job because other firms do it cheap and undercut to get business.

No I’m afraid not! and even more not from regular customers who have used me for years, please don’t ask as I find it offensive to my nature and my business.

My prices are fair and reflect the ongoing hikes for living and business costs.

Sorry but thought this had to be said.

JLF Transfers will always strive to give a top class service at a fair and affordable price.

All the best,

John @ JLF Transfers.


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