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Hi guys

Unfortunately due to the continuous delays of flights and baggage claim I have no other choice to stop taking bookings for customers on TUI airline flights.

TUI are constantly delayed every day and customers disembarking planes and claiming baggage are still being delayed even longer, this is now severely affecting the running of the business and with the summer holidays now here I have had to make this difficult decision.

Hopefully TUI will get their act together soon which I doubt as it’s only going to get busier but as soon as they do I will reinstate taking TUI bookings.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but I can’t keep second guessing these flights in the hope that I can schedule all the transfers in every day.

Please note that all customers already booked in who are flying with TUI will be accommodated to the best of my ability over this difficult period.

Many thanks

John @ JLF Transfers.


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