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Rogue Airport Taxis

Hi all,

The holiday season is fast approaching and some of you may organise a transport service to and from the airport.

Sometimes people don’t use me, it’s not a problem, I don’t mind, my type of business is an open market and a few of my healthy competitors are also friends but it has come to my attention that there are rogue Airport Transfer driver/companies out there, or lately they often advertise lifts for payment on Facebook selling pages.

Please be aware these non legit company’s / drivers are not licensed or insured to carry persons for hire and reward, the vehicle must be plated either with a plate on the back or limo licensed, this is usually a tax disc size license displayed in the front window of the vehicle.

The driver must also be licensed and their badge displayed either on person or clearly in view in the vehicle (usually on the dash or windscreen) these licenses are stipulations by the licensing authorities and are law.

Airport Transfer companies and Taxi companies must also own an Operators Licence, this allows the companies to take bookings legally and dispatch the bookings to fully licensed drivers and run as a professional legitimate company that is subject to fees, tests and checks which are scrutinised by the local authority.

These company’s can usually be easily spotted, they usually offer lifts on Facebook selling pages and generally offer extremely cheap fares which they are able to do as they don’t have any licensing or Taxi MOT fees so as giving them the opportunity to undercut legal company’s, plus you need these factors in place to apply for Private Hire insurance, so although they may be insured in the normal way they do not have public liability insurance so you would not be covered in the event of an accident or mishap, believe me if you have an accident on the way to the airport, the police will know as your luggage will be visible and they will ask the question and report it to the drivers insurance company thus voiding any claim.

Don’t give these people a chance to carry on flaunting the law, our business and YOUR SAFETY, if it seems a very cheap good deal then check if they are licensed the company will gladly tell you who they are licensed with if they are legit and if you call the licensing authority they will gladly tell you if they are licensed or not.

Keep you and your family safe and use fully licensed Airport Transfer firms, the rules and tests and insurances are there for ours and your benefit.

Stay safe folks!!!




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